Nr 14/2022 Wokół cyrkularności
5 It is all nature – the cosmic symbiocene

Nr 14/2022 Wokół cyrkularności

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  2. Circular economy i circular design – jak tworzyć innowacje, których potrzebujemy

  3. Po co komu cyrkularność w projektowaniu? Wartość i potencjał

  4. Cykl: odbierz, przetwórz, wdróż i powtórz. Rola recyklatu we współczesnym projektowaniu – rozważania na temat surowca

  5. Gospodarka cyrkularna jako lek na kapitalizm

  6. Wszystko jest naturą – kosmiczny symbiocen

  7. W polu regeneracji

  8. Cyrkularność pomysłów i idei zrównoważonego rozwoju – perspektywa antropologiczna a jedzenie

5 It is all nature – the cosmic symbiocene

Hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen are some of the most omnipresent reactive atoms in the universe, and also constitute 99% of human body components. Before these atoms reacted with one another and created millions of different forms, becoming us, among other things, they had been made milliards of years ago in the supernova explosion. Depending on the reaction they enter, once they can be components of an edible plant, other time – a toxin causing entire species to extinct. This article describes the astrochemical and biogeochemical cycle of these four elements. It also shows that waste is natural to all, organic and non-organic process. Different types of side products, such as pollutions, used to be raw materials and catalysts that enabled our civilisation to be formed. In the cosmic symbiocene, humans are merely temporary observers of the grand circular process in progress for milliards of years in the space of milliards of light years in the universe.

Keywords: symbiocene, nature, circularity, waste, resources