Nr 7/2020 Proces projektowy
1 Why study and describe the design process today

Nr 7/2020 Proces projektowy

  1. Wstęp

  2. Po co dzisiaj badać i opisywać proces projektowy

  3. Design thinking nie wystarczy

  4. Odczytywanie niewypowiedzianego

  5. Badania, które pomagają projektować

  6. Czy boty przyspieszą rewolucję na rynku badań?

  7. Zrównoważony rozwój i dizajn opakowań. W poszukiwaniu problemu projektowego

1 Why study and describe the design process today

What is the course of a design process in the 21st century? How does technological revolution affect design? What has changed in the design process since the late 1960s and what is the prognosis for the future?

Inquiries about the design process in various disciplines had urged the author to carry out research verifying declarations made by companies, studios and design teams regarding the processes, methods and tools they used. Several interviews with designers were conducted, and in order to confirm the resulting theses, additional responses were gathered by means of an online questionnaire. The questions referred to elements of the process as well as applied methods and tools. The obtained information allowed to characterize the design process in four disciplines: industrial design or strategy (3D), visual identity design and graphic design (2D), digital product or service (UX/UI) and service design. This served to describe the main stages and components of the process as well as observe changes resulting from the development of information and industrial technologies, access to the Internet and the influence of social sciences (anthropology, psychology, sociology) on its course.

Keywords: design process, design methodology, industrial design, graphic design, service design, UX design