Nr 10/2021 Technologiczny niepokój
7 What do we want from new technologies?

Nr 10/2021 Technologiczny niepokój

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  2. Ścieżki we mgle – czyli o projektowaniu jutra

  3. Niebezpieczne chemikalia w meblach i sztuce użytkowej. Zagrożenia i wskazówki dla projektujących

  4. Bioplastiki zapożyczone ze świata mikrobów

  5. Biotechnologia zmienia myślenie dizajnerów o projektowaniu

  6. Sztuczna inteligencja będzie wszechobecna. Co z tego wynika?

  7. Elegia na zmierzch Homo sapiens. Od cywilizacji rozwoju do cywilizacji dziedzictwa

  8. Czego chcemy od nowych technologii?

7 What do we want from new technologies?

Technology and design are often followed by the word innovation. Innovation in both, it’s said, is good for the economy. Which, it’s then said, is good for us citizens. But whether we trust the trickle-down economics of capitalism past or want to envisage a new future, we need to ask ourselves what position design will take in these new structures. Will it follow like it did in the past, or will it break and help support the creation of something new in the shell of the old? This is a question at the core of design’s relationship with new technologies. What is it that we actually want from these things, these new advancements? Is it simply a case of adoption, or should we focus more on adaption? This essay will trace contemporary design’s significance in society starting from Hans Hollein’s statement “Alles ist Design”, through to the challenges posed to the profession by digital technologies. Onto the right-now with an analysis of the conceptual designer Noud Sleumer’s (un)making methodology.

Keywords: bread, unmaking, adaption, adoption, technology