Nr 18/2023 Projektowanie graficzne
5 Value Branding. A Design Manifesto

Nr 18/2023 Projektowanie graficzne

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5 Value Branding. A Design Manifesto

Václav Havel said that “hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.” This attitude seems to be especially important in the context of graphic design in the era of artificial intelligence. The growing role of AI raises a concern that the meaning and value of human contribution in design could be questioned. This article proves that the hope for valuable and purposeful design remains vital and crucial to the future of profession. Branding is a voyage of faith related to the sense of importance of what we do. It does matter, because it does change, even slightly, the world around us. Branding has been undergoing crucial transformations. This article emphasises the meaning of purpose-driven design, transfer of values and skills, as well as brand modelling, focused on the well-being encoded into the product or service DNA, and incorporated in immersive branding. It presents the concept of “ideological product” in the context of designing the generative brand touchpoints. This could be the matter of attractive visuals as well as dynamic touchpoints, reactive to changes of context and users’ needs. The article ends with a call to designers to be not only the “producers” of visual resources, but also creators of brand and its behaviour.

Keywords: purpose-driven design, branding, brand modelling, prosumer