Nr 1/2019 Projektowanie jutra
6 Undoing design

Nr 1/2019 Projektowanie jutra

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  2. Dylemat przyszłości: autonomia czy zależność?

  3. Ultima Thule. Horyzonty technologii

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  6. Czy staliśmy się już postcyfrowi?

  7. Undoing design

6 Undoing design

This paper considers the notion of undesign by exploring the possibility of suspending or unlearning one’s design knowledge. This may, for instance, be the case when a designer decides to abandon professional criteria, methods or goals in order to pursue alternate paths. This approach may result in new aesthetics or form the basis of critique, but it may also lead to a new perspective on design. This paper discusses the consequences of “undoing” design, and the inherent potential of relinquishing domain expertise.

Keywords: undesign, design expertise, design knowledge, everyday design