Nr 1/2019 Projektowanie jutra
2 Ultima Thule – technology horizons

Nr 1/2019 Projektowanie jutra

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  2. Dylemat przyszłości: autonomia czy zależność?

  3. Ultima Thule. Horyzonty technologii

  4. Projektanci (w) przyszłości

  5. Poza horyzont zdarzeń

  6. Czy staliśmy się już postcyfrowi?

  7. Undoing design

2 Ultima Thule – technology horizons

The 21st century is a time when almost all aspects of human life will change radically. The rapid development in the last 200 years has led us to the stage where we have to redefine all concepts that have constituted the basis of civilization for hundreds of years. And this is all because of technology. New technologies for the production of objects, computing technologies operating on huge data sets, biotechnology, which is the forerunner of auto-evolutionary activities, or the rising awareness of increasingly intelligent algorithms – these are only the most visible signs of processes that will change the world in the coming decades. Becoming aware of the scale of upcoming changes is the only method that can make it possible to influence their direction or dynamics, at least to a minimal extent. In the modern world, it is very easy to lose perspective in the flood of information directed at us. And although we cannot cover what has already been discovered and our conscious influence on the development of science and technology is scant, it is worth considering whether the unreflective admiration of manna falling on our heads from the technological heaven will not lead us to the path of no return.

Keywords: new technologies, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, algorithms, futurology