Nr 3/2019 Jaka edukacja?
4 The Island. Thing about Industrial Design Education Methodology

Nr 3/2019 Jaka edukacja?

  1. Wstęp

  2. Umiejętności projektowe przyszłości

  3. Edukacja projektantów wzornictwa wobec kryzysu

  4. Wobec świata na rozdrożu – nowe formy kształcenia dizajnerów

  5. Wyspa, czyli o metodyce kształcenia projektantów wzornictwa

  6. Utracone doświadczenie. Praktyczna edukacja projektowa w czasach cyfrowej rewolucji

  7. Społeczne oddziaływanie dizajnu – wnioski dla nauczania komunikacji wizualnej

  8. Kolorowa strona Bauhausu

4 The Island. Thing about Industrial Design Education Methodology

The history of education at the Polish artistic academies and the related academic circles, which gave rise to and developed the didactic of industrial design faculties, constitute a great potential. The didactic of industrial design is a complex and multi-stage process, which refers – more than in the case of other disciplines – to the sphere of individual human capabilities, talent, intelligence and sensitivity, creativity understood as the ability of recognizing new values in the overall form of designed objects – a skill difficult to teach. What design education requires of teachers is the constant pursuit of new and effective didactic methods; one might say that they are challenged to “creatively teach creativity.”

In an attempt of meeting this demand, over the last five years the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź has been conducting a didactic experiment which, due to its duration and availability of comprehensive material gathered in the course of numerous design assignments, can be analysed as an evaluable didactic method.

Keywords: creativity, creative group, creative manifesto, didactic experiment