Nr 1/2019 Projektowanie jutra
1 The dilemma of the future: autonomy or dependence

Nr 1/2019 Projektowanie jutra

  1. Wstęp

  2. Dylemat przyszłości: autonomia czy zależność?

  3. Ultima Thule. Horyzonty technologii

  4. Projektanci (w) przyszłości

  5. Poza horyzont zdarzeń

  6. Czy staliśmy się już postcyfrowi?

  7. Undoing design

1 The dilemma of the future: autonomy or dependence

The world is in a phase of change taking place as a result of mutual, simultaneous, seemingly chaotic and multidimensional influence of many factors. The first group includes megatrends, and the second one is referred to as the English acronym VUCA. Their mutual, ambiguous and non-linear distribution creates phenomena that constitute a great challenge for all entities involved in shaping the environment of human functioning – both in the physical, mental and social aspects, and impose enormous responsibility on those entities.

Keywords: megatrends, environment, system, phase transitions, peripheralization