Nr 9/2021 Projektowanie kultury
5 The designer does the splits

Nr 9/2021 Projektowanie kultury

  1. Wstęp

  2. Rzeczy i ich biografie w scenariuszach zmiany społecznej

  3. Narracja wpasowana w przestrzeń, czyli czym jest projektowanie wystaw

  4. Dizajn poznański. Odsłona czasów PRL-u

  5. Kultura ekranowa. O strategiach projektowych kolektywu panGenerator

  6. Autor robi szpagat

  7. Kultura, polityka i pieniądze. Projektowanie dla sektora kultury*

5 The designer does the splits

On the economic transition related split between the commercial and the cultural in the 1990s, and on how the contemporary divisions seem obsolete today. On content as an element affecting the perception of designs for the area of culture, as distinct from form and visual trends. On the changing formula of visual format and the diminishing significance of poster as their main component. On abuse and restrictions of designer’s original vitality and their effect on communicating the message. On a visual artist as the fourth party to the design process. On easing the burden of uniqueness defined as shaping one’s own style.

Keywords: culture, poster, visual artist, applied graphics designer, visual identity