Nr 12/2022 Doświadczanie
7 Service Blueprint – Levelling Emotions and Service Infrastructure

Nr 12/2022 Doświadczanie

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  2. Czy badania UX mogą zmieniać świat?

  3. Doświadczenia respondentów w procesach badawczych. Wyzwania i możliwości

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  8. Service Blueprint – balansując pomiędzy emocjami a infrastrukturą usługi

  9. Projektowanie doświadczeń cyfrowych – co dalej?*

7 Service Blueprint – Levelling Emotions and Service Infrastructure

The article is based on the author’s near-15 years of professional practice as a service designer. In reference to the subject of the issue – experience, the article describes a multilevel contrasts characterising the discipline of service design. The contrasts include ia. design on the level of the user’s emotions vs. service infrastructure, non-materiality of processes vs. evidencing them, whole experience perspective vs. single touchpoint. This is especially apparent in the context of creating a service blueprint, that is: a service script.
Service design is an interdisciplinary approach comprised of various design disciplines, such as product, graphic, interior, UX, information design etc., even though the final product is often non-visual, intangible – a process, a service. Characteristically, service design emphasises the entire experience, not only its fragment or single dimension. The tool of service blueprint offers a great support. It is an interesting example of how service design intersperses the intangible and ephemeral – emotion, with the analytical and solid description of the process from the perspective of the service and the service provider as well.

Service blueprint is also a tool providing an insight into the customer journey map, revealing what is “under”, what makes a given service exist at all. This, in turn, is the substance of service design, which settles the users’ emotions and experience in the business or organisation providing the service.

For the readers new to the service design area, the article will be a good introduction to the subject and the tools used by service designers. Those advanced in the field can find the text useful for self-reflection about their design practice and experience with the customer journey map and service blueprint.

Keywords: service design, experience design, service blueprint, service script, emotions