Nr 9/2021 Projektowanie kultury
4 Screen culture. On panGenerator collective design strategies

Nr 9/2021 Projektowanie kultury

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  2. Rzeczy i ich biografie w scenariuszach zmiany społecznej

  3. Narracja wpasowana w przestrzeń, czyli czym jest projektowanie wystaw

  4. Dizajn poznański. Odsłona czasów PRL-u

  5. Kultura ekranowa. O strategiach projektowych kolektywu panGenerator

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  7. Kultura, polityka i pieniądze. Projektowanie dla sektora kultury*

4 Screen culture. On panGenerator collective design strategies

Screen design has become a pillar of visual communication, and the culture of technical image production seems to be the most important IT and research tool in all areas of human activity. Visual communication has long changed its language and based the message on moving image. The screen has become the most popular medium of communication in the 21st century. Seeing is turning into a multi-layered feedback loop, and perception – into the mode of operation. Contact with technical images – their production, watching and commenting – stands as a new ritual. We have overlooked the moment of entering the screen culture era, which has not only dominated the access to information and its distribution, but also come up with new codes, values and norms, frequently deepening the existing stereotypes.

Keywords: panGenerator, critical design, screen culture, digital culture, screen design