Nr 13/2022 Badanie i projektowanie
2 Research in the Lean Process of Product Design

Nr 13/2022 Badanie i projektowanie

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2 Research in the Lean Process of Product Design

The rapid IT development has been fuelling the new approach to design practices, focussed on efficiency and speed. Creators of digital products adapt from other disciplines and improve the methods of fast evaluation of activities. The design and consulting companies are successful in implementing such practices and methods in the processes of innovation and development of new industrial designs.
This article describes the notion of lean design process. It takes a designer’s perspective on the advantages of research methods and their place in the design process. Referring to examples, the author reveals the practicalities of the research-based evaluation process of creative operations, and related risks.

The presented examples show that the contemporary methods of conducting design processes in the area of product and service design require a new approach to verification of results.

Keywords: product design, design process, research in design, lean design process, study results verification