Nr 6/2020 Zawód projektant
5 Practical approach to product design

Nr 6/2020 Zawód projektant

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5 Practical approach to product design

The article covers the problematics of product design and introduction to the market from the perspective of the place and role of a designer in the process. The major areas of a company’s operation within this scope have been indicated. The distinction is based on the marketing mix theory of Philip Kotler and the continuers of this approach. Practical observation has facilitated indicating the key issues to be recognized by designers starting their work in a business, as well as the areas and mechanisms to be known and understood when taking a job with a company. Among these, the most important ones include the new product design processes, approaching them in line with the organization’s culture, ways of communicating the knowledge about market needs, significance of a brief as a basis for design operations. The description of processes and areas to be known and understood by a designer also indicates the strategy of price building, distribution and promotion. The article offers an innovative practical outlook resulting from the experience of working with young designers in various types of organizations and points out the most common misconceptions they have about a designer’s work in a company.

Keywords: new product development, designer’s role in the company, market, client, young designers