Nr 9/2021 Projektowanie kultury
1 Objects and their biographies in the social change scenarios

Nr 9/2021 Projektowanie kultury

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1 Objects and their biographies in the social change scenarios

The criticism of organization of our social worlds is a field of daily individual and collective practices. Culture is the object of such operations. In particular, these areas where we notice a sort of disturbance, disorder, deficit or excess. Activities oriented towards solving technical, social, political and even moral issues engage not only actors, ideas and institutions, but also objects: buildings, tools, clothes, documents, vehicles. This article is dedicated to the role and character of objects involved in two ways of fixing the food order: food aid and pro-environmental operations. Based on the material collected in the course of qualitative sociological research, the text visualises the thesis regarding design of social solutions and introduction of social innovations by means of and involving objects. Empirical examples are reference points for the characteristic role a designer can assume in fixing the social order and for the process of design for change itself.

Keywords: design for social change, cultural function of objects, objects’ biographies