Nr 15/2022 Wzornictwo w PRL-u
6 “Nice frills”, facetious items of the late People’s Republic of Poland

Nr 15/2022 Wzornictwo w PRL-u

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  2. Innowacja i eksperyment jako stymulatory (?) wzornictwa czasów PRL

  3. Polska tkanina dekoracyjna okresu poodwilżowego – nowe perspektywy, nowe techniki

  4. Między meblem a aparatem. W stronę społecznej historii sprzętów elektrycznych i elektronicznych w powojennej Polsce

  5. Wzornictwo środków produkcji w czasach PRL-u

  6. Wczasy polityki, wczasy wolności

  7. „Niezły bajer”, czyli o krotochwilnych rzeczach u schyłku PRL-u

  8. Długa historia fotela RM58*

6 “Nice frills”, facetious items of the late People’s Republic of Poland

The text is a travel to the times not-so-distant, but much different from today’s approach to things and their role. This article aims to present the less-important facetious items, which functioned as gadgets in the 1970s and 80s People’s Republic of Poland. The author ponders the accuracy of the term “gadget” in reference to those days, when the deficit of goods was a norm. Having reflected on what we consider a gadget today vs what did not use to be one, the author moves on to describe the less-important, but so desired objects back then. He visits places, where the items were bought, including Ruch newsagent’s, franchise stores, 1001 thrift stores, as well as Pewex and Baltona. Beside the industrial and crafted objects, the point of interest are also innovative DIY items, which required no complicated materials or technologies… they could be quite risky toys, though.
The text invites the reader to recall the facetious objects from our backyards, flats and work places.

Keywords: gadgets of People’s Republic of Poland, Ruch newsagent’s, 1001 thrift stores, DIY