Nr 15/2022 Wzornictwo w PRL-u
4 Industrial Design of Producer Goods in the People’s Republic of Poland

Nr 15/2022 Wzornictwo w PRL-u

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4 Industrial Design of Producer Goods in the People’s Republic of Poland

In the 1950s and 60s Poland, the authorities paid careful attention to the industrial design of producer goods – as evident from numerous expert publications. Central research centres were launched to develop industrial designs of machinery, devices and tools, and artistic academies founded units for what was then called “industrial form design”. Designers, recruited from artistic circles, had to develop knowledge and methods appropriate for the newly-emerging profession. Since publications regarding ergonomics were scarce, some design teams conducted their own research in the area. Although the industry sometimes failed to recognise the role of industrial design, several factories, especially those focussed on export, implemented machinery of interesting ergonomics and form. In the 1970s, with licensing on the rise, the profession was neglected. This article describes the beginnings of industrial design in our country typically ignored by the history of Polish design.

Keywords: machine tools design, producer goods design, industrial form design, ergonomics in design, industrial design history in People’s Republic of Poland