Nr 13/2022 Badanie i projektowanie
4 How to Go Beyond Anthropocentrism of Research in Design?

Nr 13/2022 Badanie i projektowanie

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  4. Z perspektywy materiałów

  5. Jak wyjść poza antropocentryzm badań w projektowaniu?

  6. Problem odbiorcy w projektowaniu (komunikacji)

  7. Held in tension: craft, design, and technology

  8. Sustainable Form-active Structures. A design research methodology at two scales

4 How to Go Beyond Anthropocentrism of Research in Design?

The article presents a reflection on the subject of the post-anthropocentric research methods in design on the example of two case studies: objects personas generation and multispecies design fiction. Indicating the contemporary context of climate disaster as a real design challenge as well as a metaphor, critical fabulation of our times, the author drives attention to the necessity of establishing a new relationship between academic research and design integrating the in-depth context analysis, experimental methodology and creativity of research.

Keywords: design, post-anthropocentric research, objects personas, design fictions, multispecies ethnography, Anthropocene