Nr 17/2023 Open source
7 How open is design? On open access design

Nr 17/2023 Open source

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  5. Open design jako lekcja pokory wobec przedmiotu

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  8. How open is design? O projektowaniu w otwartym dostępie

7 How open is design? On open access design

The article describes issues in the field of broadly understood open design, which were the starting point of the How Open Is Design? exhibition, presented as part of the Łódź Design Festival 2023 – Future Perfect.
The first part of the text discusses the ambiguities related to concepts such as open source or open design, as well as the issue of open licenses. The second part contains case studies of selected projects presented at the exhibition, which illustrate areas such as: social innovation (social design), activism, hacking, manufacturing and customization, DIY (do it yourself).
They are accompanied by a critical reflection on the extent to which the intentions, values and ideas of the projects translate into reality. In many cases, the implementation of open access projects requires the involvement of resources (technological, financial, manual) that exceed the recipient’s capabilities.
The summary is the answer to the question: What conditions support the creation and dissemination of open source projects in such a way that they reach recipients and have a real impact on their lives? Key areas and stages that should be taken into account in the process of creating an open project are specified.

Key words: open design, open source, social innovations, open licenses, do it yourself