Nr 13/2022 Badanie i projektowanie
3 From the Perspective of Materials

Nr 13/2022 Badanie i projektowanie

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  2. Między badaniem a projektowaniem

  3. Badania w leanowym procesie projektowania produktu

  4. Z perspektywy materiałów

  5. Jak wyjść poza antropocentryzm badań w projektowaniu?

  6. Problem odbiorcy w projektowaniu (komunikacji)

  7. Held in tension: craft, design, and technology

  8. Sustainable Form-active Structures. A design research methodology at two scales

3 From the Perspective of Materials

Post-humanism means a considerable revaluation of how we understand the human – world relationship. The non-anthropocentric perspective is becoming increasingly important to research of design (design, production, use) as well as in the design disciplines themselves. Conclusions drawn from the interdisciplinary post-humanistic studies can potentially inspire designers to a deep reflection on their own practice, its aims and place in the world. The article indicates the way in which the post-humanist perspective on materials enables combining various types of knowledge, thereby removing its modern dichotomy and alleviating the alienating potential of abstract knowledge, going hand in hand with the tacit knowledge in the design practice. It also drives attention to the value of perspectivist approach based on empathy, imagination and diverse types of knowledge.

Keywords: post-humanism, materials, knowledge, design, perspectivism