Nr 18/2023 Projektowanie graficzne
1 From Symbol to System – Dynamic Visual Identity

Nr 18/2023 Projektowanie graficzne

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  2. Od symbolu do systemu – dynamiczne identyfikacje wizualne

  3. Kamuflaż i jego współczesna wielowymiarowość

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1 From Symbol to System – Dynamic Visual Identity

The contemporarily introduced corporate identity programmes must react dynamically and adequately to the constantly changing (and frequently complicated) context, in which the organisation functions. As one of the tools used in this process, corporate design also evolves. There has been the increasingly apparent shift in the approach to designing corporate identity systems, which originated as structures focussed around a strong, independent and fixed symbol, and are now moving towards variable, flexible and multi-element solutions.

In this article, the author takes a closer look at the solutions proposed in Poland and worldwide, and indicates the examples of his own designs in the area of dynamic and flexible corporate identity systems in order to typologise solutions and present the notion in question.

Keywords: Visual identity, visual communication, development of applied arts, corporate identity system, dynamic visual identity