Nr 2/2019 Wokół Bauhausu
7 From Modernism to Media Labs. Critical Designing in Times of Data Overflow

Nr 2/2019 Wokół Bauhausu

  1. Wstęp

  2. Wirus Bauhausu

  3. Bauhaus. Przemilczane kryzysy

  4. Obok – polscy projektanci i Bauhaus

  5. Nowy początek. Kobiety Bauhausu

  6. Modernizm we Wrocławiu

  7. Nowoczesne meble z niklowanych rur stalowych i ich bielski projektant Bruno Weil

  8. Od modernizmu do medialabów. Krytyczne projektowanie w czasach nadmiaru danych

7 From Modernism to Media Labs. Critical Designing in Times of Data Overflow

Bauhaus founders and the representatives of other contemporary avant-garde movements introduced modern ideals of public access to knowledge and social progress into the designer environment. The task of designers was to create not only new estates and flats but also a more democratic knowledge management system. Nowadays, designers face similar challenges by struggling with unexpected consequences of the digital revolution, that is information overload, fake news or knowledge fragmentation. Therefore, a special role to play arises for the information designers who, together with data researchers, form interdisciplinary units under the name of media labs. Although the latter is not the straight-line-successors of avant-garde movements, they refer to the same philosophy by promoting teamwork, a scientific approach to the design process and social responsibility.

Keywords: modernism, Bauhaus, media labs, interdisciplinarity, information design