Nr 20/2024 Promocja dizajnu
1 Design for All. Subjectively on Design Exhibitions

Nr 20/2024 Promocja dizajnu

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  2. Dizajn dla wszystkich. Subiektywnie o wystawach projektowania

  3. Fenomen Eindhoven. Historia i rozwój Dutch Design Week

  4. Dizajn w muzeum

  5. Między światowością a lokalnością. Dylematy promowania polskiego dizajnu na przykładzie Zamku Cieszyn

  6. Projektowe laboratorium, czyli programy wsparcia dla biznesu oparte na dizajnie

  7. Promowanie przez pisanie. Rola publikacji i krytyki w kształtowaniu projektowania graficznego

  8. Wygrałem, zdobyłem, zapłaciłem…

1 Design for All. Subjectively on Design Exhibitions

Everything is designed – this slogan is not new, so we have managed to get used to the idea, that we live surrounded by designers’ works. In museums – it is no longer only artistic craft, but also contemporary industrial design that has a chance of presentation at exhibitions, and even be included in museum collections. There are publications released about brilliant designers and their work. Although we still do not have a design museum in Poland, institutions have been more open to this discipline.

Witnesses to these changes are the recently launched industrial design galleries at the National Museum in Warsaw (since 2017) and National Museum in Kraków (2021), as well as a cycle Polish Designs Polish Designers, functioning at the Museum of Gdynia (since 2014).

This article traces the interesting journey of applied objects to the museum Parnassus. It is also a story about the way they are displayed: from festivals, through exhibitions, to online designs. How do you build an interesting, senses-engaging, sustainable and smart narrative? What subjects focus the attention of the majority of curators in Poland and Europe at the moment? Design attracts the young generation to museums. We want to see it. The former question whether there is space for industrial design in museums should be replaced with a new one: How do you present it in a good and creative way.

Keywords: design exhibitions, society, designers, interdisciplinary, virtual world