Nr 9/2021 Projektowanie kultury
6 Culture, politics and money. Design for cultural sector*

Nr 9/2021 Projektowanie kultury

  1. Wstęp

  2. Rzeczy i ich biografie w scenariuszach zmiany społecznej

  3. Narracja wpasowana w przestrzeń, czyli czym jest projektowanie wystaw

  4. Dizajn poznański. Odsłona czasów PRL-u

  5. Kultura ekranowa. O strategiach projektowych kolektywu panGenerator

  6. Autor robi szpagat

  7. Kultura, polityka i pieniądze. Projektowanie dla sektora kultury*

6 Culture, politics and money. Design for cultural sector*

1. On definitions: should “design for culture” be even considered as a separate notion. On what culture you design for (high/low, big/small, institutional/bottom-up, rich/poor, urban/provincial etc.) and on what it entails – on the level of methodology, strategy, formal, financial, social and sometimes political – also design – issues.

2. Who and why deals with that – on the client’s as well as designer’s (or design studio’s) part. What drives them, how they work, how they think and evaluate, what motivates them. Is design for culture more interesting and attractive than design for other “sectors”? Can it be your speciality?

3. Examples (contextually scattered rather than presented individually) including the Studio Otwarte portfolio: Book Institute Poland, National Stary Theater, Jewish Culture Festival, KBF, as well as big and small town cultural centres and institutions for whom we have worked. And more.

4. How to predict, on the level of project strategy, its culture-making function and its social influence (ie. more than reception) – including the example of the Jewish Culture Festival and its effect on the Polish-Jewish issues and relations, approaching the visual identity design for towns with their residents as the key subject etc.

5. What is design culture? Exhibitions, events, publications, design-related media – what language and stylistics do they use and why? How does design interfuse with contemporary art and how do they affect each other?

Keywords: graphic design, visual communication, design for culture, design process, collaboration with clients