Nr 18/2023 Projektowanie graficzne
4 Communication Overload

Nr 18/2023 Projektowanie graficzne

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4 Communication Overload

Ever since the first industrial machine came about, the world has been a receiver of the immensity of the produced “goods”. Once set in motion, production could not simply be stopped, and so we have all been dragged into a whole support chain of the constant production system, frequently exceeding our needs. This items overload is quite apparent. Is the “hyperproduction” of visual information as apparent to us? Is the quality and quantity of communications a problem at all? If so, how do you diagnose and solve it well?

This notion has been tackled by students of the Chair of Visual Communication whose work in the area of packaging design prove that the communication overload can be efficiently limited. This modesty will result in lessening the environmental impact caused by flooding the market with increasing amounts of packaged goods. Avoiding the excess in the area of visual communication translates into the kind, quantity and quality of packaging, as well as their entire production process. The manufacturer’s financial gain, be it necessary, is not a priority. The priority is taking real responsibility for introducing new packaging into circulation and their trouble-free utilisation.

Keywords: excess, environment, packaging, visual communication