Nr 12/2022 Doświadczanie
1 Can UX Research Change the World?

Nr 12/2022 Doświadczanie

  1. Wstęp

  2. Czy badania UX mogą zmieniać świat?

  3. Doświadczenia respondentów w procesach badawczych. Wyzwania i możliwości

  4. Między słowami – o projektowaniu treści

  5. Czy UX kanibalizuje dizajn?

  6. Granice empatii sztucznej inteligencji

  7. Niedostępna dostępność?

  8. Service Blueprint – balansując pomiędzy emocjami a infrastrukturą usługi

  9. Projektowanie doświadczeń cyfrowych – co dalej?*

1 Can UX Research Change the World?

The current stage of the UX development in Poland is related to the diversity of professional roles and systematically growing number of researchers within organisations and research agencies. The increasing market demand is accompanied by the progressing maturity of organisations regarding UX.

Research in this area is characterised by eclecticism of approaches and the resulting methodological complexity, as well as the wealth of methods and tools, which can hider communicating the totality of their possible application in practice. This is confirmed by the analysis of the most frequently used counter-research arguments indicating that researchers are going to face a lot more tasks in the area of research education and popularisation. This article describes the character of UX research and presents the opportunities for users, organisations and other beneficiaries resulting from its systematic implementation. It also names the most common barriers restricting the full integration of research with design and business processes, as well as the ways to overcome them with cooperation as a key. Because, in collaboration with designers and the business, research can indeed change the world.

Keywords: UX research, research methods, research challenge, research and design collaboration