Nr 1/2019 Projektowanie jutra
4 Beyond the event horizon

Nr 1/2019 Projektowanie jutra

  1. Wstęp

  2. Dylemat przyszłości: autonomia czy zależność?

  3. Ultima Thule. Horyzonty technologii

  4. Projektanci (w) przyszłości

  5. Poza horyzont zdarzeń

  6. Czy staliśmy się już postcyfrowi?

  7. Undoing design

4 Beyond the event horizon

The word projektowanie (lit.: design) draws reference to the future. The perspective of time is an important element that affects the nature of this field. As professional designers, we often perceive our actions as being focused on the present. It is only the postponement of the deadline of the project for 10, 50 or more years, which makes us anxious and reflective about the pace of change and the unpredictability of what will happen. Add to this outer space as the environment for which the design is being prepared and the science fiction spectrum will inevitably appear. Is it possible to act differently in these conditions? Based on scientific knowledge, awareness of social changes, development of technologies, as well as potential goals of our presence in space, we must take up other challenges. Armed with the skill of design thinking, we must adopt new roles, more aware and responsible, using the logic of the process as a tool for designing the future world, and the ability to visualize data and processes as a tool for communication, awareness and education of the society.

Keywords: space exploration, extreme environments, space, new areas in design