Nr 12/2022 Doświadczanie
3 Between the Words – On Content Design

Nr 12/2022 Doświadczanie

  1. Wstęp

  2. Czy badania UX mogą zmieniać świat?

  3. Doświadczenia respondentów w procesach badawczych. Wyzwania i możliwości

  4. Między słowami – o projektowaniu treści

  5. Czy UX kanibalizuje dizajn?

  6. Granice empatii sztucznej inteligencji

  7. Niedostępna dostępność?

  8. Service Blueprint – balansując pomiędzy emocjami a infrastrukturą usługi

  9. Projektowanie doświadczeń cyfrowych – co dalej?*

3 Between the Words – On Content Design

For several years now, there has been a growing interest with the new area in the UX environment. UX writing, that is: content design, is a relatively new branch, explored within user experience research. This article explains the reasons behind the increasing popularity of this area and describes the values it adds to design. It indicates that UX means only using texts to lead through the product, but also designing experience by means of voice and tone. The author directs attention to problems that can be solved by well-designed texts. She shows how UX writing serves inclusive design, which refers to the so-far excluded groups, also persons with disabilities. The article emphasises that content design goes beyond digital products, if only in the context of service design.

Keywords: content design, UX writing, user experience, inclusiveness, internet for the blind and visually impaired