Nr 13/2022 Badanie i projektowanie
1 Between Research and Design

Nr 13/2022 Badanie i projektowanie

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  8. Sustainable Form-active Structures. A design research methodology at two scales

1 Between Research and Design

The article describes a relationship between research and design. In order to explain the complexity of mutual connections, it differentiates between scientific research, defined as knowledge-generating, including innovation, and the non-scientific research, defined as obtaining the existing knowledge. Listing the important qualities shared by design and scientific research, such as innovation, creative character and unpredictability, the article also indicates three differences between these operations to help determine whether a given research and design activity is scientific or not. Beside the pursuit of generating new knowledge, these include: using codified methodology, and process description enabling its recreation. For a clearer explanation of the difference between scientific and non-scientific research, the article describes research for design, research of design, and research through design, also known as constructive research. The first category is non-scientific in character, while the other two bear scientific potential. The article aims to clarify an important part of design practice which, due to the ambiguity of terms, lacks direct framework. This makes it difficult to persuade the society and decision-makers about its significance.

Keywords: research, science, knowledge, methodology, design process, design