Nr 8/2021 Dizajn z Poznania
4 Bazart. Poznań art and design gallery of the 1980s

Nr 8/2021 Dizajn z Poznania

  1. Wstęp

  2. Rajmund Teofil Hałas. Historia polskiego meblarstwa

  3. Meblościanka. Mapa wielokrotnych narodzin idei

  4. Hotel Merkury w Poznaniu – modernistyczny gesamtkunstwerk

  5. Bazart. Poznańska galeria sztuki i dizajnu z lat 80. XX wieku

  6. Dizajn poznański. Odsłona współczesna

  7. Meblowanie miasta na przykładzie Poznania

4 Bazart. Poznań art and design gallery of the 1980s

The article discusses the operations of a private Poznań art and design gallery Bazart run by two generations of local artists and designers in the years 1983–1988. Beside exhibitions, this unique place would conduct trading activities, offering furniture and other interior furnishings, as well as items of clothing. There has been no study of the gallery to date. Although Bazart was described in an unpublished diploma dissertation, despite its title, the work constitutes mainly the factographic review of the gallery’s details1. In order to gather further information about the gallery’s operations and problematise it, the author of this article has conducted interviews with the former owners’ family members, their employee, the representative of their clientèle, and reached for the specialist publications from the epoch. The article attempts to sketch out the broad context of the design offered in the gallery (accounting for its inspirations and execution) and present it in the perspective of current tendencies and situation of design in Poznań and in Poland at large.

Keywords: Polish design, furniture making, Poznań design, designers, Bazart